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Belgium doesn't leap to mind as one of the great venues for a... Read More

Belgium doesn't leap to mind as one of the great venues for a golf holiday; a reputation thoroughly undeserved. If you are prepared to travel just that little bit further an abundance of fine Belgian golf hotels, chateaux and splendid golf courses await you.As yet Belgium is relatively undiscovered as a golf holiday destination and this is very strange because, take our word for it, this is a first class golf region that has excellent motorway links and is less than 2 hours from Calais.The Waterloo region, easily accessed from Brussels and the Brabant Wallon region, is home to some stunning courses, including classics like Royal Waterloo, and a stay here will allow you to explore Belgium's capital, home of the European Union and some impressive architecture.In addition Bruges, in the north, is also surrounded by some fine golf courses and it is in these two regions that we concentrate our collection of Belgian golf breaks. There is also some excellent nightlife and splendid golf in MonsAs we have said, the best concentration of golf courses is around Waterloo in the Wallonia region just south of Brussels and also in the Hainaut Province where the countryside is flat (which is one of the reasons it became part of the killing fields that were the trenches of the First World War). In the places where it does undulate, you can bet you’ll find a golf course.Nowhere is this better exemplified than at Royal Golf Club du Hainaut - magnificant and Golf Royal Waterloo;past host to the Belgian Golf Open that speaks volumes for the standard. Here you will find two golf courses (La Marache and Le Lion) where the condition of the greens and fairways is first class. Attention to detail is everything here. In fact our only ‘beef’ with Royal Waterloo is that it is not always available at weekends. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of other quality venues nearby.One such example is Golf Club de Sept Fontaines - home to two very fine golf courses. An interesting feature of many Belgian golf courses is their clubhouses, which are often worth a visit for themselves and Golf Sept Fontaines is a clear demonstration of this. Water hazards adorn the course map but you will discover they are only seriously in play on a few holes towards the end of your golf on the Château course (which, by the way, is one of the best golf courses we have played in northern Europe). Its sister, Golf La Forêt, although quite short, has trees lining the fairways and induces a real feeling of claustrophobia so much so that your driver is not likely to get much of an outing here.

Our golf holidays by car to Belgium are based on the Channel Crossing with Eurotunnel. We recommend it as the fastest option with the most frequent departures. Eurotunnel has its own, dedicated motorway exit at Junction 11A of the M20 in the UK and in France at Junction 42 of the A16 motorway.

From July 2012 drivers crossing the Channel will have to carry a portable breath-testing kit when taking their car to France. New laws have made the equipment compulsory for all cars on French roads and anyone caught without the equipment faces an €11 fine. The kits, costing up to £2/3 are available at Channel ports and from Halfords and must comply with safety standards set by the French authorities. Motorists are also legally obliged to carry a warning triangle and fluorescent vest as well as displaying a GB plate and adjusting their headlights to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers.


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