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Welcome to Driveline Golf - Here's our Guarantee

Owned and run by Paul Cowgill and Paul Melly, Driveline Golf is a fully bonded license holder of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Air Travel Organisers License 6229. In addition we are also members of the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) and Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) W7176. In short, when you book with us, your money is safe even if the most bizarre events occur. Remember the Icelandic volcano that brought European airlines to a standstill? Our clients that were affected had the benefit of knowing they had a choice of booking an alternative holiday or receiving a full refund. Other travellers, who did not book through a bonded operator were left to fend for themselves.

Our Guarantee

We believe we are the only UK Golf Tour Operator that guarantees its holidays. In short, you pay holding deposit, nothing at all until we have reserved and held your accommodation and your tee times and you and your group are satisfied with everything we have booked for you. If you are not happy, you pay us nothing until you are. We ensure that when you book your fully bonded golf holiday with us you will be able to discus your itinerary with the business owners who have personal, first hand knowledge of the featured regions and who can offer you the benefit of their experience. Not for us scripted texts written by others and read from a computer screen.

Award Winning…

Since we have been in business, we have been awarded 'Best Golf Tour Operator' by Eurotunnel and have been chosen by the Daily Telegraph to supply golf holidays to members of their National Golf Network. You don’t achieve this by being ‘run of the mill’ or ordinary. Our aim is straightforward; it is to offer a selection of charming overseas golf courses, each one selected to appeal according to your level of ability, be it scratch golfer or beginner. We also offer a personalised service and as business owners as well as golfers, we make sure we are always on hand to offer expert advice based on our own experiences. We put ourselves at the front of the business and don’t leave it to others to sell destinations of which they have no direct experience. Furthermore we continue to look for new, emerging golf holidays destinations to ensure you have the best choice available at the best price.

Group Leaders…

We are often told by our customers that we are a natural choice for group leaders. This is not just because we offer a wide choice of world-wide golf holiday venues and not just because we seek to offer excellent value for money. It is because from our own experience we know Group Bookers have to work hard to organise their parties. But we also know it can be a thankless task so we go the extra mile to make it easier by

  • Selecting the most appropriate venues for you , the group leader; venues that can accommodate large parties and who offer special group rates.
  • Making sure we do all the legwork for you. Not only will we recommend venues based on first hand knowledge but also give you an indication of what is likely to be available at the time of booking. We then book accommodation, reserve tee-times, pre-book any additional items such as private dinners or buggies (where they are not included in the price) so you don't have to give up valuable time and incur the cost of doing it yourself.
  • Knowing the secret of saving you money on your golf holiday without surrendering to 'cheap n cheerful'. There is a big difference between a cheap golf holiday and a bargain - the difference being that with a bargain you get quality plus value for money and so avoid the inferior standards that invariably come hand in hand with 'cheap'. Our hotels and golf courses regularly alert us to new offers and special promotions exclusive to us and at Driveline Golf, these savings are passed on to you - all of which means you get a bargain. And there is a big difference between cheap and bargain golf holidays.
  • Rewarding you for your loyalty and offering a special series of benefits for group organisers.  To see how you can benefit from being a member of our Group Bookers Club, ,Click Here

We have also partnered up with some of the leading providers of travel extras who offer discounts on products including airport parking and travel insurance.

Some of the hotels and golf courses that make up our collection of golf holidays will probably be instantly recognised as household names; others are not so well known and hitherto have remained a secret to all but a lucky few. What you will not see is golf courses, hotels or regions that we simply cannot recommend either because they are not up to our required standards or because we feel they do not represent true value for money. Rest assured we have seen all those that have been included and if they were not up to scratch, they would not be on offer.

So enjoy your golfing break and when you come back, tell us about your trip and how we handled your booking. Your opinion means a lot to us.

Paul Cowgill and Paul Melly – Owners of Driveline Golf